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Conversion to .svg

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2023 5:16 pm
by JefCor
I need to convert a series of images of various formats.
Imbatch is very good, it works and is simple and objective.
However, I have a problem that I would like the Forum to help me with, which is the conversion to the svg format, it turns out that the conversion is done, but the created file does not open with programs like CorelDraw (for example) in short, the created file is an image and not a vector.
This happens when I convert from .png, .jpg, wmf, which are the formats I need to convert to .svg.
I hope for an answer and I apologize about the quality of my English because I used Google.
I couldn't send attachments because it refused .svg files, so I used the cloud. Two files are zipped in the link ;- ... sp=sharing