My experience so far

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My experience so far

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I started to use ImBatch 2017 with version 5.3 and use is for the following task:
Tool bar buttons: Resize and convert to gray. From a base image 256x256 pix I derive six sets of size 18 x 18, 27 x 27 and 36 x 36 pix, both colour and greyscale. See usage at, page 14.
I'm quite happy with the results. In few cases I modified the base image to get better results. I start with 256 x 256 and not a multiple of 18, because for older FrameMaker versions I had to derive sizes 16, 24 and 32 wide icons.
I also tried out the vectorise function to develop base versions in svg. But this was not successful in previous versions of ImBatch. Will try again.
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Re: My experience so far

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Thank you for sharing!
Vectorize function is quite tricky, especially for multi-color images in batch mode. As for me, it is easier to redraw the images from scratch to get the nice-looking SVG file.
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