Critical bug reading PDF files.

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Critical bug reading PDF files.

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It appears that there is a bug in the software that prevents pdf files from being rendered if they contain bitmap content & are over a specific size. (somewhere around 3000px). I've tested a few versions of the application, all behave the same.

When the PDF is imported a thumbnail & the correct image dimensions/dpi info are shown. However the application does not render a preview of the image & the preview windows states the image is 0x0 px. It's not possible to run any tasks on these files successfully as the output always results in a blank 1x1px file.

I've tested the error using multiple PDF's generated by several different software packages. I've also done preflight checks on the PDF documents to ensure they meet industry standards. The only solution is to scale the file down to a smaller size or removed all bitmap images. Unfortunately neither of these solutions is a realistic option.

The forum does not allow PDF documents to be attached directly so I've provide an example pdf file & a screenshot in the attached zip archive. Does anyone have information on how this problem might be solved?
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