Removing / Replacing Background color

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Removing / Replacing Background color

Post by Mischa »


I am considering buying the "Commercial License" of ImBatch, because it looks great!

But I cannot get it to work properly.

In the included image, you will find a locomotive and a somewhat grey background. I want to remove that background automaticly with the batch processing and make it "white".

I have tried:
- Rotate
- Create Contact Sheet option

Both have the option for "background color" only it doesn't change anything, for test I have tried a red background on this image, but I see no results.

Can you help me out?

Best regards, Mischa
Locomotive with grey background
Locomotive with grey background
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Re: Removing / Replacing Background color

Post by Oleg »

Hello, Mischa

Try Replace Colors task.
In Original Color choose Color and pick the lightest color of your background with a pipette tool.
In New Color choose Transparency and set Start and End of Transparency to range 0..255.
After that, tune Tolerance parameter to get the best result. And don't forget to turn off autofit (first button in preview window) mode in preview to see correct results.
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